8 sorts of tea and their well being advantages

Many people get started the day with a cup of tea. Actually, some even to find it tricky to get away from bed with out ingesting tea. Weight-conscious ladies like inexperienced tea and milk fans want masala tea. There’s something for everyone. Whilst folks would possibly say that tea is not the most productive drink to start out the day, we will be able to inform you that tea has many well being advantages. Tea is available in many types, and every has well being advantages.

Well being Photographs reached out to Priyanka Sharma, Nutritionist at Cloudnine Workforce Of Hospitals, Noida, to be told extra concerning the teas and their well being advantages.

Darjeeling tea

Darjeeling tea is steadily offered as a black tea selection and is regarded as one of the vital absolute best teas within the nation. In line with Sharma, now not simplest does it assist fortify heart problems, nevertheless it additionally reduces tension.

Health Benefits of Tea
Tea is available in many types they usually all have well being advantages. Symbol courtesy Adobe Inventory

inexperienced tea

Affectionately known as a superfood, inexperienced tea is regarded as one of the vital healthiest drinks. Inexperienced tea has many well being advantages, equivalent to serving to you drop extra pounds, bettering middle well being and blood flow.


Coming from cashmere, Kahwa will stay you heat which is what you want when the temperature is just too low. The professional says it is only a type of inexperienced tea, nevertheless it additionally comprises wholesome herbal substances like saffron, cardamom, ginger and cinnamon. It is helping in bettering metabolism and digestion.

Nilgiri tea

Its tea leaves are processed into black tea and feature an excessively sturdy and candy style. It’s wealthy in antioxidants and might assist fortify levels of cholesterol, growing older and general immunity.

Health Benefits of Tea
Don’t drink tea on an empty abdomen. Symbol courtesy of Shuttestock

Assam tea

This can be a black tea with a robust style, highly spiced aroma and vivid colour. This tea, grown in Assam, is helping deal with hypertension and diabetes, says the professional.

Oolong tea

Oolong tea, produced from the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant, is helping with weight repairs and decreases tension and anxiousness. Folks affected by insomnia can drink oolong tea because it additionally contributes to restful sleep.

Lemongrass Tea

A cup of lemongrass tea may be very refreshing. This tea comprises antioxidants and is helping decrease ldl cholesterol and fortify blood force.

Masala Tea

This black tea, produced from water and milk, is broadly fed on in India. Whether or not you might be at house or close to a boulevard dealer, this kind of tea may be very fashionable amongst folks. It has a mix of spices that upload to its taste. It’s wealthy in antioxidants and will support in therapeutic digestion and boosting immunity.

Disadvantages of tea

Even if tea has well being advantages, do not overdo it. There are some disadvantages of tea –

• Tannins, compounds present in huge amounts in tea, can hinder iron absorption within the frame and result in iron deficiency.
• Tea leaves comprise caffeine and if fed on in extra, it might purpose emotions of tension and anxiousness. Caffeine for your duration may be now not a excellent choice.
• Ingesting tea on an empty abdomen may end up in hyperacidity and nausea.

Ingesting tea two times an afternoon is regarded as excellent to your well being. The most efficient time for tea is part an hour after breakfast. You’ll additionally make it part of your night time snacks.