Top 10 Weight Loss Apps to Help You Shed Pounds Easily

Free Weight Loss Apps: Embarking on a weight loss journey can be challenging, but with the right tools, it becomes much easier to stay on track. In the digital age, weight loss apps have become invaluable allies, offering a range of features from tracking nutrition and exercise to providing personalized coaching. This article rounds up the top 10 weight loss apps that are designed to help you shed pounds with ease. Whether you’re looking for comprehensive tracking tools, personalized meal plans, or interactive coaching, these apps offer something for everyone looking to achieve their fitness goals.

Key Takeaways

  • Lasta offers a comprehensive health app experience with a focus on long-term weight loss and vibrant health.
  • CoPilot provides personalized training and meal planning with certified trainers to align with your fitness goals.
  • Simple is celebrated as the best free intermittent fasting app with user-friendly features and an AI assistant.
  • Noom is recognized for its success in weight loss through a vast food database and tailored workout routines.
  • Yazio stands out as the best intermittent fasting app for iPhone users, offering a balance of diet and exercise tracking.

1. Lasta

1. LastaLasta stands out as a user-friendly weight loss app that caters to individuals looking to shed pounds without the hassle. With a focus on healthy habits, Lasta offers a personalized approach to weight loss, ensuring that users can track their progress effectively.

Lasta’s philosophy is simple: sustainable weight loss is achievable through consistent, mindful choices.

The app’s interface is designed to be intuitive, making it easy for users to log their meals and exercise. It emphasizes the importance of ‘noting every nibble’, encouraging users to be aware of their eating patterns. Lasta also integrates well with other fitness devices, allowing for a comprehensive overview of your health journey.

Users have shared their experiences on platforms like Trustpilot, highlighting the app’s impact on their weight loss journey. The community aspect of Lasta is also a significant draw, providing motivation and support from fellow users.

2. CoPilot

2. CoPilotCoPilot stands out as a comprehensive weight loss app that merges personal training with nutritional coaching. Users benefit from live feedback on pacing and form, making it ideal for beginners and those looking to perfect their technique. The app’s integration with devices like the iPhone and Apple Watch enhances the user experience by keeping them accountable and engaged.

CoPilot’s personalized training plans and access to unlimited coaching make it a valuable tool for anyone serious about their fitness journey.

While most users have had a positive experience, some have encountered technical issues or were dissatisfied with the quality of programming from their trainers. Despite these setbacks, the app’s features and benefits are noteworthy:

  • Live feedback on exercise form
  • Personalized training plans
  • Unlimited coach access
  • Integration with iOS and Android
  • Workout types include cardio, strength, and functional fitness

At $99 per month, CoPilot is competitively priced, especially considering the one-on-one attention from certified trainers. For those seeking a well-rounded approach to weight loss, CoPilot could be the key to unlocking your potential.

3. Simple

3. SimpleThe Simple app is a standout choice for those embracing intermittent fasting as a weight loss strategy. Cory Kessler, a certified nutrition coach, found the app’s interface to be user-friendly during his 5-day test of a 16/8 fasting schedule. The app’s primary feature is a fasting timer, which is complemented by a food log for those who wish to track their intake.

Simple’s approach aligns with the philosophy that weight loss doesn’t need to be complex. By focusing on real food and mindful eating, the app supports gradual and sustainable weight loss. It’s particularly noteworthy for being a robust free option, offering essential features without the need for a premium subscription. Users can benefit from a one-tap fasting window timer, an intuitive food log, and an AI assistant for meal feedback. However, it lacks in-app community support, which may be a consideration for those seeking a social aspect in their weight loss journey.

Simple encourages a return to basics with its emphasis on real food and simplicity, making it a practical tool for those looking to reset their eating habits and work towards long-term health.

4. Noom

4. NoomNoom stands out with its psychology-based approach to weight loss, focusing on long-term habit changes rather than quick fixes. Users have found success with Noom’s method, noting the program’s effectiveness for sustained weight loss. The app combines daily wellness lessons, a food and water tracker, and one-on-one coaching to guide users through their journey.

Noom’s unique blend of cognitive behavioral therapy techniques and practical tools like a recipe database empowers users to make healthier choices consistently.

Pricing for Noom varies, but it offers a comprehensive package that includes:

  • Personalized weight loss plans
  • Regular support from Noom coaches
  • Access to a community of members

Although Noom is on the pricier side, many users see the value in the individualized support and structured guidance provided.

5. Free Weight Loss Apps: Yazio

Free Weight Loss AppsYazio stands out in the crowded field of weight loss apps with its comprehensive calorie counter and intermittent fasting support. It’s not just about tracking what you eat; Yazio offers a detailed analysis of your eating habits over time, helping you understand your progress on a deeper level. Tester Pete Nastasi notes that Yazio’s extensive recipe database is particularly impressive, providing meal ideas for any time of the day.

Yazio’s approach to weight loss is psychology-based, recognizing the importance of developing healthy habits alongside dietary changes. This is reflected in the personalized plans created after users complete an insightful questionnaire upon signing up.

Yazio’s compatibility with iOS and Android devices, particularly its seamless integration with Apple Health, makes it a top choice for iPhone users. The app’s ability to sync with your Apple Watch and track various metrics without a premium subscription is a significant advantage.

For those interested in intermittent fasting, Yazio caters to both beginners and seasoned fasters. Here’s a quick look at what Yazio offers:

Feature Availability
Fasting Timers Yes
Calorie Tracker Yes
Meal Planning Yes
Recipe Database Yes
Activity Tracking Syncs with Apple Health
Subscription Price $23.99 (3 months) / $47.90 (year)

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, Yazio is a strong contender for anyone serious about losing weight and improving their overall health.

6. Free Weight Loss Apps: DoFasting

The DoFasting app stands out as a user-friendly tool for those embarking on their weight loss journey through intermittent fasting. With features like fasting, calorie, hydration, and step trackers, it provides real-time insights and reminders to keep users on course. Its simplicity makes it an ideal choice for beginners, offering a fasting timer on the home screen for quick reference and a breakdown of fasting zones to monitor progress.

DoFasting also includes a comprehensive content library filled with guides on intermittent fasting and healthy eating. This educational aspect ensures that users not only follow the fasting schedule but also understand the principles behind it, such as the impact of HIIT workouts or how can stress cause weight loss.

The app’s 5:2 approach to fasting allows flexibility, with normal eating five days a week and calorie restriction on two non-consecutive days. This method is both manageable and effective for many users.

Here’s a quick glance at what DoFasting offers:

  • Fasting, calorie, and hydration trackers
  • Food log with recipe database
  • Workout routines for all fitness levels
  • Free to download with optional in-app purchases
  • Available for both iOS and Android devices

7. MyFitnessPal

Free Weight Loss Apps
Free Weight Loss Apps

MyFitnessPal stands out among Weight Loss Apps for its comprehensive approach to tracking health and fitness goals. Not only does it serve as a diet and exercise tracker, but it also allows users to set personalized goals, whether it’s for weight loss or wellness enhancement.

With a user-friendly interface and a vast food library, MyFitnessPal simplifies the process of monitoring your dietary intake and ensuring you meet your nutritional targets.

The app’s versatility is evident in its ability to sync with various devices and apps, making it a seamless part of your health regimen. Here’s a quick look at what MyFitnessPal offers:

Feature Availability
Calorie Tracking Yes
Activity Level Monitoring Yes
Water Intake Tracking Yes
Fasting Schedules Yes (Premium)

While the free version is quite robust, access to the intermittent fasting tracker and other premium features requires a subscription. Despite this, the app’s core functionalities provide a solid foundation for anyone looking to manage their diet and exercise effectively.

8. Free Weight Loss Apps:  Joggo

Free Weight Loss AppsJoggo stands out as the best app for cardio-focused weight loss. Tailored to your fitness level, it offers personalized running plans, complete with audio guidance and GPS tracking. The app’s foundation comes from a former Ironman competitor’s expertise, ensuring that your cardio regimen is both effective and engaging.

The setup is a breeze, with a 4 out of 5-star rating for ease of use. After a quick assessment, Joggo crafts a running plan suited to your specific needs and goals. Here’s what you can expect from Joggo:

  • Personalized running plans are updated every two weeks
  • Audio-guided workouts for focused training
  • Inclusive meal planning for a holistic approach
  • GPS tracking to monitor progress

While Joggo excels in creating a comprehensive cardio workout, it’s worth noting that it doesn’t include lower-body strength training in its standard programming. To maximize results and prevent injuries, incorporating leg workouts into your routine is advisable.


In the quest for a healthier lifestyle and weight loss, technology can be a powerful ally. The apps we’ve reviewed offer a variety of features, from tracking your water intake and fasting periods to providing personalized workouts and meal plans. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach with a personal trainer through CoPilot, the simplicity of tracking with Lasta, or the comprehensive database and recipes of MyFitnessPal, there’s an app tailored to your needs. Remember, the best weight loss journey is one that fits seamlessly into your life, keeps you motivated, and provides the support you need. So choose the app that resonates with you, and take that first step towards a fitter, healthier you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features does Lasta offer for weight loss?

Lasta offers a variety of trackers including weight, water, calorie, fasting, step, and mood trackers to help users on their weight loss journey. It’s an all-in-one health app designed to support vibrant health and long-term weight loss.

How does CoPilot support my weight loss goals?

CoPilot provides a certified personal trainer tailored to your fitness goals and style, live feedback on workout form, and assistance with meal planning to help you lose weight effectively.

What makes the Simple app the best free intermittent fasting app?

Simple is considered the best free intermittent fasting app due to its one-tap fasting window timer, AI assistant, and comprehensive features that cater to users’ fasting needs.

Can Noom help with weight loss through intermittent fasting?

Yes, Noom is recognized as one of the best intermittent fasting apps for weight loss, offering various workout routines and a large food database with over 5,000 recipes to support your goals.

What are the benefits of using Yazio for iPhone users?

Yazio is the best intermittent fasting app for iPhone users, providing a user-friendly interface and tools necessary for tracking fasting periods and managing dietary habits.

Does DoFasting cater to beginners in intermittent fasting?

DoFasting: The beginner-friendly intermittent fasting app!