Have you learnt the negative effects of an excessive amount of tea?

Are you a tea lover who cannot get sufficient of this steaming scorching deal with? Whilst all of us love a excellent cup of espresso, it seems that an excessive amount of of a excellent factor can, smartly, no longer be that excellent. So put down the teapot and concentrate! We are about to inform you why consuming an excessive amount of tea can lead to a few not-so-fun negative effects. Let’s check out why consuming an excessive amount of tea is unhealthy for you.

Tea is a well-liked beverage ate up through thousands and thousands of other people around the globe and is frequently touted for its a lot of well being advantages. It’s made out of the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. On the whole, tea is low in energy and incorporates a number of really helpful compounds. It incorporates antioxidants referred to as polyphenols that lend a hand give protection to the frame from oxidative harm led to through unfastened radicals. Tea additionally incorporates caffeine, a herbal stimulant that may lend a hand give a boost to center of attention and application.

Health Benefits of Tea
Whilst tea has many advantages, an way over it could do extra hurt than excellent. Symbol courtesy Adobe Inventory

Facet Results of Too A lot Tea

Then again, as with any food and drinks, eating an excessive amount of of it may end up in damaging negative effects. “Whilst all intake moderately is okay, extra is unhealthy. The negative effects are basically associated with the caffeine or tannin content material of the tea. If it is black, inexperienced or milk tea, it should be ate up moderately each time,” says Ms. Ruchika Jain, Senior Medical Nutritionist at Fortis Health facility, Vasant Kunj, New Delhi. She additionally explains one of the dangers related to consuming an excessive amount of tea.

1. An excessive amount of tea may cause insomnia

First, you will need to be aware that moderation is vital when eating tea. Whilst it could have a sedative impact when ate up moderately, over the top intake may end up in nervousness, tension, and restlessness. It’s because tea incorporates caffeine, a herbal stimulant that may intrude with sleep and cause the discharge of tension hormones within the frame.

2. Eating numerous tea may end up in acid reflux disorder

Over the top tea intake may cause nausea or heartburn in some other people. That is because of the tannins present in tea, which will worsen the digestive machine when ate up in huge amounts. Whilst tea is frequently used as a herbal headache treatment, overconsumption can if truth be told cause complications in some other people.

acid reflux from tea
An excessive amount of tea may cause heartburn. Symbol courtesy Adobe Inventory

3. Conditioning impact

Every other possibility related to over the top tea intake is that it may end up in caffeine dependancy. This implies your frame depends upon caffeine to serve as correctly, and you’ll enjoy withdrawal signs while you attempt to scale back your tea intake.

4. Can result in dehydration

It is also vital to notice that over the top tea intake may end up in dehydration, particularly all the way through scorching summer season months. Whilst tea is usually a excellent supply of fluid, consuming an excessive amount of of it could motive you to lose extra fluid than you are taking in.

5. Would possibly Impair Iron Absorption

Tea incorporates compounds referred to as tannins that may bind iron and inhibit its absorption. Subsequently, over the top tea intake may end up in iron deficiency anemia, particularly in people who find themselves already in peril for the situation.

6. Could cause dental issues

Tea, particularly black tea, can stain tooth over the years. As well as, the prime degree of tannins in tea can give a contribution to the formation of plaque and teeth decay. It’s subsequently vital to handle excellent dental hygiene and prohibit tea intake.

Tea can stain teeth
An excessive amount of caffeine can stain your tooth. Symbol courtesy: Shutterstock

The secret’s to eat any drink moderately. Tea is excellent for well being and you do not want to seek the advice of a health care provider to eat it. However you probably have a elementary downside or you do not really feel relaxed consuming tea, you’ll without a doubt ask for lend a hand.