What is Crossfit?

More and more people are taking up Crossfit for weight loss. This sport is based on intense effort, but the exercises are not without risk.

Before you take the plunge, check out this comprehensive guide to the sport, with its real pros and cons.


What is Crossfit? Crossfit is a program that combines various physical and sports activities. Includes strength training, gymnastics and weightlifting.

The sport is based, among other things, on a variety of exercises that have a sequence of movements similar to everyday life, such as sitting, lifting, and crouching. CrossFit units also include climbing, jumping and punching.
With Crossfit, you can train cardio, strength, and aerobics at the same time.

Basic Principles

Crossfit is based on three basic principles: various exercises, functional movements, and intensive training.

Crossfit Various exercises

Crossfit is a combination of weightlifting, gymnastics and strength training. As a result, different combinations are possible and each CrossFit workout is unique. Therefore, monotony is rarely an issue in this sport.

Functional movement

Crossfit also asks you to perform the movements you do in your daily life, such as crouching, standing, and sitting. Intensive training
High intensity exercise is a good solution for improving fitness in a short period of time. You can make your workout more intense by increasing the distance, using heavier weights, or increasing the number of iterations.

Who is this sport for?

Crossfit is a suitable activity for everyone. However, you need to set goals before you can determine which type of training is right for you.

Weight loss If your goal is to lose extra weight, CrossFit is an ideal choice. This is due to intense training and dynamic exercises that promote weight loss programs.


Most exercises use weights, so Crossfit also builds muscle mass. Therefore, it is important to consume protein during training.
Whatever your goal, it’s important to warm up before exercising. This is important for preparing your body for your next exercise. An effective way to warm up is to use a rope.


CrossFit and Strength Training: Differences

Crossfit and strength training are not the same. Strength training allows you to gain muscle mass and mass through strength training.

It includes isolated and compound exercises, and the goal is often aesthetic (bodybuilding competition). Crossfit, on the other hand, allows you to perform different movements without involving a particular muscle group.

This area is also very diverse. Sessions are not always the same, so you don’t fall into a particular routine.

How does crossfit training work?

Crossfit training consists of two phases:

warm up.

WOD: Different types of exercises alternate. The following session types are possible:
Cardio: To improve endurance.

Skills: To improve your skills. There are specific sessions:
Air squat: This is a squat with a maximum descent (the buttocks must reach the level of the calves).

Deadlift: This involves lifting a dumbbell. You must remain standing and maintain a seated position.

Cross Lift: In this exercise, you lift your body with your arms on a trapeze parallel to the ground. Strength: Improved physical performance

How does the program fit in and what results can I expect?

The WOD program is identical for men and women. However, you adapt the load to your physical condition.
As for the results, they depend on each individual. If you start exercising regularly, you will see satisfactory results after 3 weeks.

Your body will be firmer and more toned and your muscles will be better defined. Of course, these initial results will only be visible if you follow a balanced diet.

As for the results, they depend on each individual. If you start exercising regularly, you will see satisfactory results after 3 weeks.

Your body will be firmer and more toned and your muscles will be better defined. Of course, these initial results will only be visible if you follow a balanced diet.

Crossfit exercises for beginners

Want to start Crossfit? To make training easier, here are some exercise ideas to get you started:

Leg Lifts
Grab the bar with your hands and try to lift your legs as high as possible while keeping them straight. For this exercise to be effective, don`t strain your back.


Battle Rope
You can train your body with these rope exercises. The body should wear a robe and lean forward a little. Next, take the rope with both hands and kneel. While switching hands, hit the rope on the ground as hard as possible. Be careful. Only your arms and abdominal muscles should be moving. However, do not move your back.

With the Classic Chair, your back leans against the wall and is at right angles to your knees. Thighs should be parallel to the floor. Once in this position, wrap yourself around and keep it as long as possible.

Widely used in CrossFit training, rowing machines are very effective for lower body training. For best results, we recommend rowing at high intensity for 1 minute and then resting for 15 seconds. Your back and chest should be kept straight to reduce the risk of injury.
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Another classic exercise, the board, involves placing your hands on the floor and doing push-ups. While exercising, you need to spread your arms across your chest, tighten your abdominal muscles and buttocks, and straighten your neck and back.

Your head should also match your back. After taking a posture, hold it for 20 seconds.
If you need more intense variation, you can choose the side press. Hold the two dumbbells (one for each hand) in the position of the board and gradually lift.

For effective training, you need to place the dumbbells near your chest and press your elbows against your body.

Crossfit: definition, practice and program ideas

The goal of this exercise is to move the “box” up and down. If you are a beginner and/or don’t feel comfortable, jump up and down. Also, don’t forget to switch legs every time.

When you’re ready, jump with both feet at the same time. Don’t forget to straighten your legs at the finish line. You can take turns doing simple rope exercises.

Switch legs first, then switch the other leg. If you feel comfortable, you can jump together with your feet.
In this exercise, stand away from your hips, place your hands on your hips, and keep your back straight.

Go forward with your right foot, bend your foot, and twist your knees toward the floor. Then switch legs while jumping. Be careful. Make sure your knees do not overlap your toes.

Benefits of CrossFit

As explained above, Crossfit is a fitness program that combines a variety of gymnastics, weightlifting, and strength training exercises. By practicing this sport, you can enjoy and experience all the benefits of these areas. Here are some of its benefits.
Improvement of heart function and fitness
Crossfit is a high-intensity workout. Therefore, it is effective for improving physical strength and development. In addition, you can quickly improve your fitness and endurance through this activity.

The intensity of training clearly depends on the effort involved by the person. Therefore, if you want to create a more powerful program, you can increase the weight or distance.
Activities useful in daily life
Crossfit requires you to perform daily functional movements (sitting, jumping, lifting weights, running, etc.). This sport requires familiar movements, which may not be possible. With Crossfit, the position is correct!

Weight loss

Crossfit is a complex sport where you can train strength, endurance, strength, balance, flexibility, and accuracy.

However, this sport is also good for losing weight. Crossfit is ideal for rapid weight loss, as each workout requires a great deal of effort.
No boredom
You are always on the move during training. We also do various exercises, and this variety prevents boredom and monotony.

Crossfit is based on a series of strength, weightlifting, and gymnastics movements. Many possible combinations of exercises make this sport unique and prevent participants from falling into a particular routine.

This can lead to a loss of motivation. CrossFit training helps you stay motivated and help you reach your goals.

Disadvantages and risks of sports

It is a sport that has not only great advantages but also disadvantages and risks.
As mentioned earlier, CrossFit is an intense sport that requires endurance and strength. Therefore, it is not advisable to start this activity without the guidance of an instructor. If you do not professionally correct your bad posture, you are at increased risk of injury. please think about it!

Crossfit tips

Follow this rule when starting Crossfit. It is important to learn the right habits and techniques from the beginning unless you are guided to a facility with a trainer. This is far more important than momentary performance.
If you want to learn this sport well, follow the steps below. It is essential to master the techniques and movements as much as possible to avoid injury.

At first, keep your workout light and do not prohibit warming up or stretching. These should be done at the beginning and end of training.
Another important point is that you should not over-exercise yourself or use more energy than you need. There is a risk of injury. Your body can also be exhausted quickly.

Therefore, communicating with your coach is the best way to avoid mistakes and reduce the risk of injury. This expert will advise you and teach you the right move.

Where can I practice this sport?

Crossfit is a free training that you can run anywhere. You can train at home or even outdoors in a professional gym. If you want to start exercising at home, it’s important to have the right equipment. Basic equipment includes pull-ups, dumbbells, and rowing machines.
Another important point is that training must follow the program set out in WOD. This may vary depending on the training day.