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water diet to lose weight drink water   perdre du poids

water diet to lose weight drink water  

Water diet

     Drinking water on an empty stomach is considered healthy. It cleans the cells, stomach, small and large intestine, and filters the blood, especially since the water will be absorbed quickly if drinking it. 
Water helps rid the body of toxins in it, and treats constipation and colon.

Benefits of water diet

– Water prevents the formation of fats and their deposition in the body, it eliminates obesity and rumen.
– Water enhances the metabolism process, and the body’s ability to burn fats and calories.
– It prevents dehydration, which makes the body less prone to stress.
– It prevents muscle spasms.
-It contributes to improving the body’s activities, by saturating the cells with water and assisting the process of transporting food to the body.
– It helps in improving muscle performance regularly.
– Curb the appetite by making the stomach full of water all the time.

Water diet program within a week


Drink two cups of warm water within 30 to 45 minutes of waking up from sleep, then eat, after 45 minutes of drinking water, a slice of the diet’s « toast » and the whites of two boiled eggs (or a piece of hard-boiled eggs), in addition to a fruit Indian lemon (grapefruit) or orange. After two hours have passed, you should eat a large cup of water and an apple (or turn a head of lettuce).


It consists of a large cup of water, plus 150 grams of meat (or chicken or fish), as well as a green salad (or a cooked vegetable salad).
After 3 hours between lunch and dinner, drink a large glass of water, along with an apple (or peach).


Drinking half a liter of water 30 minutes before each meal can lose more than 4 kilos in 3 months, according to a study conducted in obese people.

Researchers at the University of Birmingham in Great Britain have shown that drinking half a liter of water 30 minutes before eating helps obese people lose weight. This work will be published in the September issue of the journal Obesity.

To reach this conclusion, the British researchers followed 84 obese men and women who were randomly divided into two groups: a control group who had to imagine having a full stomach before eating, and a second who were asked to drink water before each meal.


1. Drink water before every main meal.
2. Avoid drinking fizzy drinks.
3. Avoid using salt in food.
4. Drink liquids (or natural juices) without adding sugar to them.

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