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Best sports to lose weight


Running is known to help work all the muscles in the body, including the heart itself. But this activity also allows you to burn a maximum of fat.

However, for this practice to have a successful effect, it must be done regularly. For effective weight loss it is therefore necessary to run 2 to 3 times a week, for a minimum of 1 hour per session.

However, if you are a beginner in the matter, start by taking it slow by trying to run, at your own pace, once a week. Losing weight is important, but above all you have to pay attention to your health.

Fitness aerobic step

It’s a really fun, dynamic activity and a perfect outlet. The step improves your posture, works and develops all of your muscles, but also burns your fat effectively.

Indeed, the very principle of this activity is based on high intensity mobilization, therefore it is an excellent cardio sport for weight loss.

In addition, it is a very enjoyable and fun sport to practice since it is most often accompanied by music and greatly relieves stress and anxiety.

Anyone can engage in this activity as long as you go at your own pace and never overdo it to avoid injury. Watch video here

Jumping rope

It may seem surprising to find skipping rope on a list of effective sports for weight loss, but it is the perfect physical activity for it.

The jump rope is an integral part of the training of boxers and some basketball players to improve their footwork and boost their cardio.

It is therefore a very good activity to burn fat and gently refine your figure, mainly in the legs, shoulders and upper back.

In addition, in recent years Double Dutch (team rope jumping sport) has made a big resurgence, which means that you don’t have to do this activity alone. Nothing better than a little jump rope to lose weight while coming back to childhood.

Other sports

Weight lifting exercises

Weightlifting exercises can improve body composition by increasing the size and density of muscles. It can also help increase the rate of metabolism, which is the number of calories that the body burns during rest periods, but these exercises need trainers and start gradually so do not start them yourself.


Squatting helps burn calories. Try to avoid this exercise if you suffer from health problems in the joints. Doing this exercise is very easy, as you have to stand up straight with your feet spread the width of the hips, then take the form of squatting by pushing your butt back and then jumping. Try to do this exercise twenty times.

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